annet van der voort


My wife Rebecca and I have been here two-and-a-half years. We have six kids, aged 12 years to 12 weeks. I was born in Brisbane, my Mumís family is English and Welsh, weíre originally from the Newcastle area, sheís second generation. Dadís family is all English; they are the third or fourth generation. I live in Port Hedland on the edge of Pretty Pool; we are the very first house. Itís the original area down there.
Iím a Station Manager at Port Hedland Meteorological Office. Up until five years ago we had three or four staff, three observers and a technician. We also used to have forecasters. Now, there is only me. On the observation side of things, we fill in wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, pressure, visibility, and any cloud, any weather. This is the meteorological weather report for all the pilots to access at various aerodromes around the place. We do radio crosses at 6.30am each day, we share that with Carnarvon. I usually get in here at 5.45am, we have a radio cross at 6.30am, generally looking at whatís going on overnight.
I studied Engineering at University. Since Iíve worked with the Bureau, weíve been posted to northern New South Wales, up to Mount Isa in Queensland, after that Cobar in New South Wales, another mining town. Itís a bit of a novelty for us being on the coastal station, that was a big drawcard, so was living in Western Australia, although its a third of the country, most people have never been here.
My wife and I like living in these country areas. I do a nine kilometre bicycle ride to work and I couldnít be doing that if I was living in the western suburbs of Sydney.


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