annet van der voort


I like to sit in the sun and read a book- I go by the writer. I read mostly novels with the odd fiction in there every now and again. I was born in New Zealand (NZ), where my Dad used to drive those logging trucks, one of the companies over here needed drivers, so he and his friend ended up getting a job. He moved here first to sort everything out, a couple of months later my Mum moved over, followed by my siblings. I didn't move over until a couple of years later.
Now, Dad works for a concrete company with my brother. School here was terrible. I dropped out two weeks into Year 12 and ended up working. I wanted to do hairdressing and I did that for a few months. Then I got a job at the Finucane Island Sports & Rec Club (Finny Club). Tom and Rau Keefe are the Managers, and I just call them Aunty and Uncle.
I do some admin in the mornings, security some nights and most of the time I work behind the bar. I love my job, itís the best job Iíve had so far. I know Iíll be at the club for a while and meet all sorts of people there. Once you get to know the customers they become friends, then good friends, itís always a surprise because you never know what sort of people will walk through the door. I like going to work; itís a nice, calm environment, no tension or dramas.
I still have my Maori culture, I always wear my pounamu which has been in my family for generations and Iíll never stop wearing it. When I ring back to my Nan she talks in Maori so I wonít forget it. But the rest of my family has sort of lost a lot of theirs but I never will; Iím proud of my culture. I havenít been back to NZ in three years. Most of my family moved over; in the last month a few of them moved down south. I donít want to go anywhere else any time soon, I love where I am, itís just nice the way it is and I wouldn't change it for anything.


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