annet van der voort


We’ve been married for 51 years; we come from Canberra. We left home on the 20th April and came up through the centre to Darwin, then all the way to the West Coast. We’re going further down to Perth, then over the Nullabor and through South Australia. We want to be home by Christmas. We escape from Canberra’s cold weather and spend four or five months of the year away. Our son lives in the house, looking after everything for us while we’re gone.
This was our first trip to the Pilbara, so it’s new and different. The distances between towns is unbelievable, its 350 kilometres before you get to the next one. About 8 years ago we came as far as Kalbarri, but then had a phone call to go home. We enjoyed Port Hedland; we liked the park where the ships come in, we had a look at the salt mine, had a look at industry. I found people very friendly and open; they want to know your life story. We’ve been traveling since 1996. We sold our main house where the kids grew up and then we were free to travel, there are about 15 % of people who sold up everything and just travel.

Edna and Pat

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