annet van der voort


I was born in Port Hedland, it was a great place to grow up, it was a place where everyone knew everyone. I currently do rostering for train drivers at BHP Billiton. My father was a train driver, thatís how we ended up here. He was a train driver from Queensland, my parents started off in Goldsworthy. Mum had to come to Port Hedland to give birth to me because there was no hospital there, we went back for three months after I was born, but it shut down so they transferred my father to Hedland.
For fun I do hobby photography and we go fishing and camping, weíre outdoors all the time. A lot of people have family that live far away, and they create their own family in Hedland, we might not be blood, but we look after each other and thatís what Port Hedland is all about; itís the people that you fall in love with, which makes it hard if you ever want to leave. A lot of people leave but they come back, because there is nowhere else like it anywhere in the world.

Amy Jo

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