annet van der voort


Iíve been here close to 2 years, I was previously in Perth and originally born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we came as kids to Australia. I was in Perth for over 20 years, then moved to Singapore for work which is where my kids were born, then we moved to Hedland; they are seven and nine.
It was a big transition for them from being city slickers, it took them a while to settle in, but being in Hedland allows them to have that experience and wisdom that the world is not just shops and clothes and brands, it helps them appreciate nature.
The good thing about Port is that itís a small community, everyone knows each other, we have a circle of friends, that all live in a small area, we learn to appreciate family life and spending quality time together.
Iím an Occupational Physician Registrar at the Port Hedland Medical Centre. We start at 8am and end about 5.30pm. I see an average of forty patients per day. Itís a mixture of occupational health cases and routine general practice cases, chronic disease management, hypertension, diabetes, day-to-day acute ailments, from sore throat to diarrhoea. But our specialty is managing occupational health cases. Basically, we look at the various forms of stress related to work and ailments, finding the best way of getting people to work in healthy and safe environments. We diagnose them and develop a plan for treatment.


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