annet van der voort


My name is Florian but people call me Filo. I am from Germany. I was 14 when I first thought about walking around the world. I started walking in Mumbai, India two-and-a-half years ago. I went through South East Asia, then arrived in Darwin and started my walk to Katherine. I discovered how dry Australia is, and it was the first time I had to buy a trolley to pull water.
I arrived at the Auski Roadhouse with German friends, who I worked with on a camel farm in Broome. I felt so good in this place, I knew I had to stay here and ask for a job. The owner of the roadhouse said itís not busy enough so there is no work. I calculated my food and thought okay I will sit here for ten days. After twenty four hours I got a job. Iíve now been here around seven weeks, Iíve met many interesting people, we mainly service the mining workers from around here. I had no idea about this place, nothing. It has a special feeling. Some places in India, I felt the same way. I can work here for six months, then I will continue walking around Australia. Usually, I wake up with the sun and go to sleep with the sun, usually I cook a big dinner; I eat half and keep the other half for breakfast, then walk the whole day, nonstop. I donít eat lunch, it makes me tired. I drink a lot of water, with some citron, a little bit of sugar, little bit of salt. On the road Iíve had nightmares I was home again, but then Iíd wake up in my tent, in the middle of nowhere and say, thank you, Iím not back home.
At home, I felt always Iím sitting in a railway station, Iím waiting for a train and the train is so late. Then it was the right moment, I jumped on it and now Iím on my way. I hope that this journey makes me calm down, makes me peaceful with myself, makes me happy. You cannot make people happy when you are not happy with yourself.


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