annet van der voort


I live in Melbourne. I work in Port Hedland as a sex worker for ten days most of the time. There are three to four girls working here. You have to be thick skinned to do this job. I come once every three months, or when I feel like it, for about ten or twelve days. Iíve been coming to Port Hedland to work for about two years. There are a lot of girls from all over Australia.
I started in this profession because I was curious and I really like sex and now I love the money and the freedom. I love going down to the beach here. I get up in the afternoon sometimes, have something to eat, head to the shops, come back and relax by the pool and get ready for the night at work. We take bookings all through the night or wait, sit around, taking clients.
We go out and introduce ourselves, if we are happy to go with them, we do. Most of the time itís an hour or two, sometimes half an hour, sometimes all night. I had a guy book me for half an hour but then he wanted to stay all night and we just slept. Some guys get attached and want to know when Iíll be back in town again. Some leave half way through the hour; theyíve done what they needed to do. We usually start at 7.00pm and work until 2.00 or 3.00am, its busier on some nights where we finish at five or six in the morning. Saturday night especially can be just in and out.
I read a lot of books; I do a lot of sewing and a lot of eating in my downtime here. We all eat ridiculous amounts of food as we need the extra energy to stay awake at night. We make a lot of money and we can be spontaneous with it, go off on a holiday, two of the girls are going to Bali from here. I donít think Iíll be doing this much longer; itís not something anyone can do forever but is a good opportunity to make money while chasing and fulfilling dreams.


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