annet van der voort


Iím the General Manager for BHP Billiton Iron Oreís Port operations; that is everything from trains through to ships. Iíve been in the job since early January 2012, so over a year now. I was born in the United Kingdom, but grew up and went to university in Perth. Iíve lived in various locations around the Pilbara over the last 12 to 13 years including mine sites inland, and various BHP Billiton sites as a contractor on open cut mining, construction, and processing plants, mainly in iron ore. Iím now on the receiving end of work on the mines. The growth of the business and the entire industry in my time has been very interesting. We can now claim to be the highest tonnage port in Australia. We ship to major port destinations including China, South Korea and Japan.
My day starts between 6 Ė 6.30am. I typically go into work and check phone messages, and emails. I go to pre-shift meetings, most of which start around 6.30 Ė 7am depending on the shift arrangement. I go in and meet our workforce, and listen to whatís going on. From there, different things are planned throughout the day; certain parts of the day are busier than others. Iím office based for most of the time, but I look forward to the time spent in the field interacting with employees, asking questions, and being available to people.


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