annet van der voort


Iím from Mauritius. I work as the assistant to the General Manager at the Port Hedland Yacht Club. I make sure everything is working. We do 300 people often, all at once for dinner. There are about four chefs; itís a big place. I finished school and at 19 I started to work in hotels, I worked in Club Med in South East Asia for four to five years, then Melbourne and now I stay here.
Iíve immigrated to Australia, itís one of the few places you can work hard and then you can go to the airport and buy yourself a ticket anywhere in the world. There is no-where you can work as hard and buy a ticket like this. Itís economics. Right now, Iím working for knowledge rather than money. One day money will come, and when is enough, enough? I spent five years in Melbourne, and after five years I wanted some sun and destiny drew me here. I got this job offer two years ago, because Iím very interested in wine. Iím here in transit because I want to move down to Margaret River where the wineries are. I wake up at 2pm, go to the Silver Train, read the paper and have breakfast, sometimes at 12, sometimes at three, sometimes at 10 in the morning. I work Wednesday to Sunday, and sometimes, Thursday to Sunday.
For leisure, I go to Pardoo, my little escape on a Sunday afternoon. I watch the landscape changing, its different, itís beautiful. Itís a continent, there is everything in one- there are many options, thatís where I started learning how to fish, and I met some people, very kind people. I got the hat, shirt, fishing rod, but no fish. If I catch one, everyone will hear about it.


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